The Original Steak Canadiann

The Original Steak Canadiann

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Made using the original recipe and still the best.

Cooks in 60 seconds.....

Famous not only by name but also for their "just got to have another " taste.

These thinly cut slices of prime steak for quick, deliciously tasty, hot steak sandwiches at home. Designed to be cooked from frozen with each slice individually packed in an easy peel format for perfect portion control and ease of use.

Made using prime British beef, get creative - serve on your bread of choice(we personally prefer a softer bread) mix it up with either fried egg, mushrooms, fried or caramelised onions, melted cheese, chutney, red peppers, rocket or simply just add a pinch of salt or a dollop of brown sauce, the choices are endless...…….

The ONLY steak sandwich yo will ever need.